Commercial real estate financing - designed for today’s market.

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What are we building?

A B2B CRE financing platform

Annuum is a built-for-purpose platform connecting high-quality borrowers with a diverse range of institutional lenders - facilitating a more active and transparent market.

Who are we building it for?

Something for everyone

  • For Borrowers

    With Annuum, CRE investors, or borrowers, can access a wide range of diverse, institutional lenders via a streamlined process - ensuring their financing needs are met - on optimal terms.

  • For Lenders

    Annuum enables lenders to originate opportunities efficiently - and according to their specific investment needs - with access to customized insight on the market and borrowers.

  • For The Market

    Annuum is a centralized platform without traditional process bottlenecks - where tech and data can be leveraged to create a more liquid and efficient market.

Why are we building it?

It's time for a change

Annuum was created in response to the needs of today’s commercial real estate investment market, and has been designed in collaboration with some of the Nordics’ leading commercial real estate investors.

Who are we?

An experienced team

Annuum was founded in 2023 by an experienced team - with a strong commercial real estate network.

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